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Lots more. No seriously, we mean LOTS more. Here at Nick’s, we have a range so big, we can’t even keep that many products in our head! (That’s why we have a website.)

We’re talking about over a thousand different products, from the food and milk items you may know, to cleaning products, packaging products and… (you guessed it) even more.

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Yes, we do!

At wildly different times and in emergencies, too… like when Blue Cheese risotto is the signature dish and you've just run out of Blue Cheese. click here to find out more about our delivery service.

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We'd love to hear from you in person - or if it's 3am and you've just finished work, feel free to fill in the order form and go straight to bed!

Call us on: 1300 88 MILK (6455)


We know milk. In fact, our* milk is so well loved, we've even given it its very own section! click here to go directly there.

* We wish it were ours. It's actually SunGold milk, but because we deliver it, we like to pretend it's ours sometimes.